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Folksinging Activist Pete Seeger Was Born 99 Years Ago Today

  “And there’s a wonderful parable in the New Testament: The sower scatters seeds. Some seeds fall in the pathway and get stamped on, and they don’t grow. Some fall on the rocks, and they don’t grow. But some seeds fall on fallow ground, and they grow and multiply a thousandfold. Who knows where some good little thing that you’ve done may bring results years later that you never dreamed of?” — Pete Seeger (May 3, 1919 – January 27, 2014)

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As Republicans Gear Up To Gut Social Security To Fund Massive Tax Cuts For The Wealthy, Here’s What Life Was Like Before Earned Benefits

Red House Records Boise Song Talk (10/14/12) Rosalie Sorrels reads the chapter “Social Security” from her mother Nancy Stringfellow’s memoir, “Report from Grimes Creek after a Hard Winter”. This is an excerpt from the full interview with Rosalie Sorrels and James Coberly Smith in the Boise Song Talk series. Link to 6-Minute Video Rosalie Sorrels Talks About Health Insurance & Death: 6-Minute Video

Neil Young Releases Resistance Anthem For Our Fourth Of July

Stand up for what you believe, Resist the powers that be. Preserve the land and seas For the Children of destiny.   By Mary Papenfuss The HuffPost (7/1/17) Just in time for the Fourth of July Canadian rocker Neil Young has released a surprise patriotic “resistance” anthem and music video, urging listeners to “stand up for what you believe, resist the powers that be.” The video for “Children of Destiny” (“preserve the land and save the seas for the children of destiny”) intersperses scenes of idyllic American summers with picnics, flags, fighter jets and Fourth of July parades with stunning photos…

Todd Rundgren’s ‘Tin Foil Hat’ Song A Timely Highlight

From Todd Rundgren’s new album “White Knight”, with back-up from 70’s peers Joe Walsh, Daryl Hall and Donald Fagen. The album includes a smooth Donald Trump parody “Tin Foil Hat”, co-written with Fagen, which Rolling Stone describes as a “a timely highlight”. He’s coming down the escalator With a girl from east of here He wants to make the country greater We’ve got nothing left to fear Because the man in the tin foil hat Is sitting on the throne tonight It kinda feels like coup de tat But it’s gonna be great, tremendous, amazing and all that ‘Cause the…

An Anthem Of Defiance: A Call To Resist

 “I will face the man in the tallest tower.” The Commoner Call (1/20/17) Music has the power to heal and move and if ever there was a time for inspiring protest anthems this is it. Check out this new protest song, “I’m Gonna Walk It With You” by Brian Claflin and Ellie Grace. The rousing lyrics and singing style have echoes of traditional gospel protest yet the lyrics are powerfully crafted for the current crisis. “I will face the man in the tallest tower.” Indeed! Link to 3-Minute Video: Pre-release single available for download: