‘RUMBLE With MICHAEL MOORE’ Podcast Ep. 54: Don’t Panic. PANIC

“You need to be in serious smart panic mode.”

— Rumble (3/21/20)

By Mark L. Taylor
The Commoner Call (3/23/20)

Medical sources are telling Michael Moore that the situation in New York City is far worse than and spinning out of control. In the complete absence of any kind of national leadership such basics as protective gloves, gowns, masks, tests, ventilators or mobilization of the military into setting up field hospitals remain scarce. Moore notes his front line sources report patients will have to be turned away from city hospitals this week. The death rate is about to escalate. In fact, Moore reports a woman in his building died of the escalating Trumpandemic this past week.

The National Guard is quietly entering areas of the city.

“We are in danger, folks. We are in serious, serious danger,” Moore warns. He then read from one of his posts earlier in the week. “The media doesn’t want you to panic. The politicians insist that you not panic. I am here to tell you to panic. Panic like you have never panicked before. Millions will die because of Trump’s incompetence and inaction and waiting too long to figure out how to make a buck off of all this. And that will be why your loved ones will perish.

“Panic, but not just any kind of panic. Not the crazy kind of panic, where you are not thinking straight. Smart panic. If you woke up and your house was on fire you would panic … you should panic. You need to get out of the house, but you need to be smart about this though because you’ve got to wake everyone else up; you gotta’ get them out. You gotta’get everyone out, make sure they are safe. Stay in panic mode … you need to be in serious smart panic mode.”

It’s a political crisis. The media is keeping the full scope and truth of what will be a two-year pandemic off the air.

It is time for serious political action, NOW!

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