Notably Quotable: “Yeah, I really wanted a shooting. So this is really disappointing that everyone is so peaceful and organized…”

“Yeah, I really wanted a shooting. So this is really disappointing that everyone is so peaceful and organized, and I mean nothing bad happened. I guess there’s plenty of people walking with guns outside the capitol, but I don’t know, I thought there was more statements saying we were going to go storm the capitol. This might as well been Storm Area 51 for me. This is stupid. I don’t know what all of these people wasted all their time for.”

— Tyler Lloyd, ‘I Have a Dream of a Boogaloo’: Beneath the Peaceful Veneer of Virginia’s Gun Rally


“I used to be an elected Republican. For godsake, I have no idea what the Republican party stands for other than to hump the president’s leg these days.”

— Erik Erikson (1/24/20)


“The real issue of representation in our culture isn’t that there aren’t enough visible powerful women. It’s that what is represented in our culture as feminism is actually corporatism. A truly feminist leader – one who believes in fighting for all women and not just her rich friends, who is concerned with the dignity of all lives and not just her personal ambitions, who is not swayed to lower her standards or sell out to corporate interests in exchange for power – would be a genuine shock to the system.”

— Jessa Crispin, Hillary Clinton is still trying to sell herself as a feminist icon. Don’t buy it


“Inventing truth, making fake claims, proclaiming it as the truth. Super-nationalism, religious exceptionalism. Those were the evils of the times then and those are the evils of the time now.”

— Fred Terna, 96-year-old painter and Holocaust survivor, 75 Years After Auschwitz Liberation, Holocaust Survivors Alarmed By Rise Of Anti-Semitism


“To those outside Trump’s political cult, his toilet politics seem buffoonish and stupid. For those inside his cult, it is gospel. That divergence is why Trump’s critics have consistently underestimated his power and durability. Again, that failure to understand the appeal of Trumpism is why those same critics, analysts and pundits will likely be watching him win re-election in November, with their mouths agape and their spirits broken.”

— Chauncey Devega, Here’s the bizarre truth about the power of Donald Trump’s toilet obsession


“A democracy is only working when the rich feel threatened. Otherwise, oligarchy takes over.”

— Greek saying