A Sliver Of Hope For The Nation

American flag in an abandoned Wyoming school house.


By Robert Reich
Robert Reich’s Facebook Page (6/8/19)

Some hope for the country heading into the weekend. Trump’s approval ratings continue to slide in states that are key to his reelection. His NET approval ratings, according to the latest poll:

New Hampshire: 19 net approval

Wisconsin: -13

Michigan: -12

Iowa: -12

Pennsylvania: -7

Arizona: -6

Ohio: -4

North Carolina: -4

Voters recognize that Trump has failed to deliver on his economic promises, instead delivering huge tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations that haven’t trickled down. His tariffs are taking a toll on the agricultural and manufacturing sectors. His refusal to comply with congressional subpoenas is undermining the rule of law.

These are good signs, but we must remain mobilized and united. There’s a lot that could happen between now and Election Day. What do you think?

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A Reader Response To Reich

Yes, indeed. Trump has failed. I don’t think he can recover enough to win the 2020 election —- IF the democrats put up a decent candidate. Trump can bully and name call a loser like Hillary, Biden, Beto, and some others. But a strong candidate who actually has a vision for the changes the country needs won’t be baited into a name calling match.

I am really worried about the viciousness that the Democratic party bring out against Sanders. The media will be hysterical in its opposition to Sanders. Corporations such as the healthcare industry or wall street will give Sanders full body blows day after day. They will all probably turn to support Trump just to see Sanders lose.

Trump won because he was an outsider and promised to change the culture of Washington. He had done none of that. He’s invited the worst or the worst insiders — the neo-cons — into his administration. He is now what many of his former supporters voted against.

Things do look good now for Sanders, but that is only because the Democratic party center right faction, the mass media, corporations, and others have not begun their full assault yet.

Rodion Raskolnikov (6/8/19)