A Never Trumper Reveals What It Is Like To Step Outside The Cult & Has A Warning For The Nation


By Mark L. Taylor
The Commoner Call (5/10/18)

In an interesting in-depth interview on the Young Turks network exiled Republican strategist, commentator and never-Trump republican Cheri Jacobus provides insight on what it is like to be a republican standing in opposition to Donald Trump and the racist, authoritarian rule he represents.

Early on in the primary process leading to the 2016 presidential election Jacobus challenged Trump’s candidacy and immediately was black balled not only from Fox News but CNN as well. She had appeared on both networks hundreds of times before and never since.

She became the target of Russian online trolls and, it appears, Trump himself. There is, Jacobus reveals, an ongoing FBI investigation she is cooperating with regarding what happened to her.

Jacobus describes herself as a “center-right conservative” and still believes in policies and values her old republican party believed in. She is opposed to the ugly racist, white supremacist views that have now moved to center stage of the republican party and now calls herself an independent. She provides some good suggestions for democrats if they want to snare disaffected “never Trumper” republicans to mount a truly effective challenge to Trump in the mid-terms later this year.

She also cautions that even after Trump is gone, the republicans — and thus the nation — will have to deal with Trumpism for years to come. The threat, she warns, does not disappear with Trump.

This is an interesting and insightful interview.

Link to 24-Minute Video