Holding Up A Mirror To The Ways & Patterns Of Life


(Editor’s Note: This BBC feature is a beautifully haunting portrayal of lived life that is a wonderful reminder of what is — and isn’t — important in life. True magic. Enjoy. — Mark L. Taylor)

BBC (4/27/18)

From childhood to old age, a journey through life reflected in the mirror – via a series of interviews recorded with people as they confront their reflection in the mirror. What do they see? How has their face changed? What stories lie behind the wrinkles and scars? We hear the initial wonder of the small child give way to the embarrassment of the teenager and the acceptance of later-life.

Created by multi-award-winning documentary-maker, Cathy FitzGerald, this moving programme hops from home to home in contemporary Britain, catching its subjects in bedrooms and bathrooms and lounges, in order to hold up a mirror to the ageing process itself.

Link to Story and 27-Minute Audio