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Not Worth The Headache: Vista Outdoor May Dump Its Gun Brands

By Aaron Smith
CNN (4/30/18)

Vista Outdoor, a manufacturer of guns and ammunition, said on Tuesday that it could divest from its gun brands, prompting a steep decline in stock price.

“Vista Outdoor is exploring strategic alternatives, which include potentially divesting the remaining Sports Protection brands, Savage/Stevens firearms, and Jimmy Styks [paddle boards,]” said the company, in a statement provided to CNNMoney. “We will begin the process immediately, but will take the time necessary to make prudent decisions.”

Vista said that it’s “potentially” selling its Savage brand of shotguns and rifles, including AR-15-style rifles, and also its Stevens brand of shotguns.

Vista (VSTO)’s stock price fell 15% after the company released a separate statement online, where Chief Executive Officer Chris Metz said Vista “plans to explore strategic options” for Savage and Stevens firearms, as well as some non-gun brands, like Bell helmets. …

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Gun Owners Of America Call On Trump To Save Bump Stocks

The Trace (5/2/18)

In a letter, GOA chairman Tim Macy says the Justice Department’s proposed ban would be a “radical change” that infringes on the Second Amendment. “Gun owners were called paranoid for thinking President Obama was coming for their guns — yet you have now announced that you quite literally are coming for their guns,” he writes.

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New York Bill Would Track Out-Of-State Guns Used In State Crimes

By Michael Gormley
News Day (4/30/18)

ALBANY — A proposal introduced Monday would target a concern shared by both sides of the contentious gun control issue by tracking illegal firearms that enter New York and are involved in crimes.

The bill from Sen. Michael Gianaris (D-Queens) seeks to create a public database that would continuously track the state and county of origin of guns used in crimes in New York. The bill takes aim at “the iron pipeline” that police say enables guns purchased in southern states — ones with far less stringent gun controls than New York’s — to be transported across state lines and used in crimes in the north.

“There is an increased national energy in efforts to curtail gun violence,” Gianaris said in an interview. “This will help inform and educate as to how to focus that effort.” …

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  • Cuomo Signs Anti-Domestic Violence Gun Bill — New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation Tuesday that would temporarily take away the guns of people accused of domestic violence. Governor Cuomo organized a signing ceremony that included a student from the Parkland, Florida school where the February 14th mass shooting occurred, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Cuomo says taking guns away from domestic violence offenders helps to diffuse a potentially deadly situation. “Common sense, if you have domestic violence perpetrators or you have a person with an order of protection, take away the guns,” the Democrat said, to applause. … Read the Rest