Gubernatorial Candidate Mike McCabe Stands With UW-SP Students & Positive Future Of Education In Wisconsin


STEVENS POINT, WI, MARCH 21, 2018 – Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Mike McCabe was invited to join with University of Wisconsin – Stevens Points students today [3/21] to protest the cutting of 13 humanities majors. Save Our Majors protest is scheduled from 1-3 today and will include sit-ins as well as students delivering a list of demands and requests to university administration.

“Education has the power to make us better people, not just better workers. Universities shouldn’t just be about training us for the workplace. They should be about making us better citizens capable of fully participating in a democracy. They should be about making us better neighbors, better spouses, better parents. What’s being done to UW Stevens Point is like the canary in a coal mine, ” said Mike McCabe. “It is a warning sign of something toxic that is poisoning education in our state and our country.”

McCabe’s People Powered Campaign is the only true grassroots campaign so far in the 2018 gubernatorial race. McCabe has been a champion for the people in the state of Wisconsin for decades and continues to prove he will stand with them as governor.

The way the Principle Over Party campaign is funded mirrors the values McCabe promoted for decades as an independent watchdog and reform advocate. In the mid-1990s, he helped start the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, a nonpartisan group that focuses on exposing the influence of big money in state government and works to make people matter more than money in politics. He led the group for 15 years as its director. He left the Democracy Campaign at the end of 2014 to start Blue Jean Nation, a grassroots citizens group working to organize people locally to challenge the political establishment to change its ways.

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