SILENCE! Your Right To Protest Under Attack In D.C. Inaugural Day Protester Prosecutions

Medics, Observers & a Journalist Face 50 Years in Prison

(Editor’s Note: Bullshit Alert! As was seen in various Occupy Wall Street protests, many black clad rioters have proven to be police agents provocateurs determined to undermine and smear peaceful protests. Here is one particularly brazen example. Why was a far right ‘journalist’ released by the police but a left wing journalist was charged? As was seen in the infamous decades long COINTELPRO action, the government is determined to destroy legitimate First Amendment citizen rights. – Mark L. Taylor)

Democracy Now! (12/15/17)

Final arguments are underway today[12/15] in Washington, D.C., in a case that could shape the future of free speech and the right to protest in the United States: the first trial of the nearly 200 people arrested during President Donald Trump’s inauguration. As demonstrators, journalists and observers gathered in Northwest D.C. after the inauguration on January 20, some separated from the group and vandalized nearby businesses and vehicles. Police officers then swept hundreds of people in the vicinity into a blockaded corner in a process known as “kettling,” where they carried out mass arrests of everyone in the area.

The first so-called J20 trial could go to a jury as early as today, and involves six people, including one journalist, Alexei Wood, a freelance photojournalist. The defendants face multiple felony and misdemeanor charges, including multiple counts of destruction of property. Evidence against the defendants has been scant. We get an update from Jude Ortiz, a member of the organizing crew of Defend J20 and the Mass Defense Committee chair for the National Lawyers Guild. He’s been in court throughout the first J20 trial.

Link to Story and 26-Minute Video