A ‘Commoner’ Writes With A Question: Could There Be More To Hurricane Harvey Than Climate Change?


Dear Commoner Call,

Considering that many have investigated geoengineering processes and have shown significant data from many sources, I think it is important to question how it is that a huge storm like Hurricane Harvey could behave as oddly as it did. The questioning of geoengineering and the likelihood that these processes must also be included in weather analysis as opposed to simply assigning ‘climate change’ influence as the explanation to weather anomalies.  This is NOT to say that those investigating geoengineering are climate change deniers.  In fact, it is their concerns about climate change that prompt them to add to the conversation these questions about geoengineering that makes their contribution that much more important.

Watch Engineered Climate Cataclysm: Hurricane Harvey

Mark Heffernan
Richland Center, WI