Commoner Reader Writes: Common Sense Understanding Of Military Build-up

All the whining about military spending is not going to change things because we have the wrong system of money [When The Whole World Is A Nail: Trump’s Vision Of A Hyper-Militarized America].  David Graeber in his book “Debt: The First 5,000 Years” tells us that when the authoritarian issues the currency and demands that back as taxes then it is really easy to get The People roped into war mongering by simply issuing the lion’s share of the currency for the military.  The People must then ‘do business’ with the military in order to get the currency needed to pay taxes. This is an ancient scheme, and all the moralizing about the behavior of those running the system never seems to call for a different system.  Without a different system of money itself nothing changes.

Mark Heffernan