Notably Quotable: “On Thursday, Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway tipped the president’s hand…”

“On Thursday, Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway tipped the president’s hand on “Fox and Friends” when she said that “the more chaos and anarchy and vandalism and violence reigns, the better it is for” a candidate running on “law and order.””

— Heather Cox Richardson, Letter from An American (9/1/20)


“It’s a myth that communities of color don’t want law enforcement, we do. What we don’t want is racial profiling. What we don’t want is excessive force. What we don’t want is to have our civil liberties and civil rights be stripped.”

— Kamala Harris, Not All Criticism of Kamala Harris Is Created Equal


“Odious as he may be, Trump is less the cause of America’s decline than a product of its descent. As they stare into the mirror and perceive only the myth of their exceptionalism, Americans remain almost bizarrely incapable of seeing what has actually become of their country.”

— Wade Davis, The Unraveling of America


“The systems in our country are racist, and that’s how we have – why we have – people who aren’t supported by them, and why homelessness exists.”

— Matt Mollica, executive director of Austin’s Ending Community Homelessness Coalition, ‘If you don’t have a home, what do you do?’: Covid-19 highlights Texas homeless crisis


“Joe Biden needs to give voters a reason to turn out besides beating Trump. He’s starting to, and I hope it continues. But will anti-Trump fervor be enough to win Wisconsin? Maybe.”

— Josh Orton, How Suffering Farmers May Determine Trump’s Fate


“To be demoralized, in other words, is to remember — and that’s not what Democrats do in America.  Minds are wiped and Iraq War architects become Resistance heroes and Democratic convention speakers. Memories are scrubbed and Wall Street thieves become Democratic economic gurus and treasury secretaries. Amnesia takes hold and the Democratic governor of Mount Covid becomes a pandemic mancrush. Democrats lose a presidential campaign to Donald Trump by defending the Washington establishment — and now four years later they are running the same Washington valor campaign again, telling themselves they’re too legit to quit, baby.”

— David Sirota, You Don’t Have To Be Excited


“But I have always been struck, in America, by an emotional poverty so bottomless, and a terror of human life, of human touch, so deep, that virtually no American appears able to achieve any viable, organic connection between his public stance and his private life.”

— James Baldwin


“The only safe thing is to take a chance.”

― Elaine May