ACT NOW! Save OUR Postal System

Step up to save OUR Postal Service emailing each person below saying you are a citizen who relies on postal service for bill paying and medication. Please ask each one below to stop the dismantling of OUR Postal service and say history will judge them.  Please help inundate them and try to prevent the dismantling of OUR postal service. This is critical. Thanks.
The following is a list of six men who have the power to fire Trump-appointee Louis DeJoy.
They are the USPS Board of Governors.  They have the power to rollback Trump’s hobbling of the USPS.  They have the power to save a free and fair election.
I encourage you to contact them and explain why mail-in voting matters to you.  No, BOMBARD them!
Robert Duncan:
John Barger:
Ron Bloom:
Roman Martinez:
Donald Moak:
Wiliam Zollers:
Also, other important contacts:
Nancy Pelosi
Senators for WI
Tammy Baldwin (D – WI)