Notably Quotable: “The word bipartisan usually means…”


The word bipartisan usually means some larger-than-usual deception is being carried out.”

— George Carlin


“Until recently, I had taken as political hyperbole the Democrats’ assertion that President Trump is a fascist, but this latest tweet is fascistic and is itself grounds for the president’s immediate impeachment again by the House of Representatives and his removal from office by the Senate.”

— Steven Calabresi, co-founder of the right wing Federalist Society, Conservative Legal Expert: Trump Election Tweets Are Grounds For Impeachment


“Ignoring the virus, more than 250,000 people are expected to show up next week [this Sunday] to the Sturgis, South Dakota, motorcycle rally, which business leaders pressured the City Council to hold despite the objections of more than 60% of Sturgis residents, who fear their town will become a hot spot.”

— Heather Cox Richardson, Letter From An American (8/3/20)


“The economy was prioritized over human life. The desire to make money was prioritized over human life. That is terrible. The current people who are in charge who fumbled this response need to be voted out.”

— Nonye Imo, a resident physician in Dallas, Texas, Texas ‘wide open for business’ despite surge in Covid-19 cases


“He’s an adult human being who knows the difference between right and wrong, even though he doesn’t think the rules apply to him. He knows what he’s doing and one of the reasons we’re in this position is because he’s never been held accountable for anything. So his transgressions become more egregious over time and he needs to be held to account.”

— Mary Trump, Mary Trump on her Uncle Donald: ‘I used to feel compassion for him. That became impossible’


“To willingly follow a coward against your own values and to put your own power above the good of the nation is to become a coward.” 

— Stuart Stevens, former Republican campaign consultant, It Was All a Lie review: Trump as symptom not cause of Republican decline


“Having worked in and studied nations governed by dictators over decades, Brotherton sees familiar patterns emerging. “You send these storm troopers in with no intention of restoring order, rather they are agent provocateurs stirring it up. With all the paraphernalia, the gas masks, the armored cars, what is the end game? Is it creating a feeling of ungovernability, creating a feeling that it’s all out of control? That is the point, so that he can say: ‘I’m coming in to save you.’”

— Maeve Higgins, These officers used to terrorise immigrants. Now they go after US citizens


“The good news is that the ruling class civil war has delegitimized, not just Trump, but the U.S. imperial order, itself. Once lost, political legitimacy can seldom be wholly reclaimed – and certainly not by a late stage capitalist order that is wracked with overlapping, accumulated, terminal contradictions, and whose imperial domain is steadily shrinking.”

— Glen Ford, Who Is The Most Dangerous Fascist?


“Only when the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten, and the last stream poisoned, will we realize that we can’t eat money.” 

— Cree proverb