Notably Quotable: “I don’t want to be nice or unnice, OK? But Donald Trump has never looked so…”

“I don’t want to be nice or unnice, OK? But Donald Trump has never looked so pathetic. There’s an air of defeat about the president; the master of puff seems deflated. It has been another terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week for Trump. Unless something radical happens, the president is a dead man golfing.”
“Well, he’s had his chance, and here we are, almost four years in, and only 12 percent of Americans are satisfied with how things are going in the country, one in 10 Americans, basically, and that’s why the Republicans are now starting to figure out the best way to find the exits and get out of this burning political building.”
“The country is now seeing more than 40,000 new infections a day while the European Union, which has more people, is seeing fewer than 6,000. About half the new cases are coming from California, Texas, Florida, and Arizona. Florida’s cases increased by 277 percent in the past two weeks; Texas’s by 184 percent, and Arizona’s by 145 percent. As our national confirmed deaths are approaching 130,000 people, Arizona recently released a new triage scoring system to help healthcare providers decide how to allocate resources if they must make choices about which patients to treat.”
— Heather Cox Richardson, Letter From An American (6/30/20)

“The Coronavirus Pandemic Doesn’t Care That We’re All Bored With It”

— HuffPost headline (6/20/20)


“[Attorney General] Bill Barr’s America is not a place that anyone, including Trump voters, should want to go. It is a banana republic where all are subject to the whims of a dictatorial president and his henchmen.”

— Donald Ayer, Dept. of Justice whistle blower in congressional testimony.


“If Wall Street really cared about racial justice it would stop profiteering from institutional racism, and it would return the wealth it has extracted from Black communities. Those communities could then decide how to spend their wealth.”

— Richard Eskow, Big Bank CEOs Want to ‘Listen’ to Black Communities. They Should Return Their Stolen Wealth Instead.

“U.S. electoral politics have historically relied upon lesser evil debates to maintain the illusion of “democracy.” In the age of Trump, the shrieks from corporate Democrats to support the DNC regardless of its orientation toward workers and oppressed people have only become louder.”

— Danny Haiphong, The Rebellion Against Police Repression Must Guard Against ALL Enemies, Whether Red, Blue, or Green


“Trump has made significant withdrawals against the nation’s emotional (and physical) bank account. He’s like an abusive deadbeat dad who misses years’ worth of birthdays but thinks he can make up for it all with one-weekend road trip.”

— Matt Lewis, conservative commentator, ‘Abusive deadbeat dad’ Trump is ‘running out of time’ as voters wise up to his game: conservative


“The notion that there is a major fissure between the Republicans and President Trump simply masks the character of the modern party. Republicans nominated and elected Donald Trump to be President four years ago. They have stood by him, and done so even in the toughest of times. Nothing, even his ‘fine people’ remarks after a 2017 white supremacist march in Charlottesville or his recent hardline response to mass marches over George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police, shakes this.”

— Julian Zelizer, No, Republicans aren’t split over Trump — and they never will be: CNN columnist


“You lose one hundred percent of the fights you don’t fight.”

— Jimmy Dore, Democratic Senators Introduce Lame “Job Training” Bill Without JOBS!