Right Wing Religious Round-Up: Dominionists Say Crises​ & Trump’s Reelection​ Will Set Stage For Church To Grab Greater Authority

By Peter Montgomery
Right Wing Watch (6/8/20)

Lance Wallnau, a proponent of Seven Mountains Dominionism and a prominent “prophetic” supporter of President Donald Trump, used a Pentecost Sunday webcast May 31 to urge Christian leaders to work ​to reelect Trump and to prepare to take greater governing authority in the world.

Wallnau and other dominionists argue that the “shaking” that the United States has experienced with the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic fallout—in addition to the the unrest in many cities following the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police—are being used by God as a divine “reset,” setting the stage for conservative Christians to take new levels of power and authority in government, business, and other spheres of influence in society.

Before the 2016 election, Wallnau declared that Trump was divinely anointed as “God’s Chaos Candidate.” Since then​, he has been a vocal defender of Trump and has been rewarded with insider access at the White House. Wallnau is part of the leadership of POTUS Shield, a network of dominionists organized to support Trump’s presidency and help bring about the “prophetic order of the United States.”

Billion-soul harvest

While many conservative Christian leaders said in recent weeks that Pentecost Sunday this year would spark a global spiritual revival and an End Times “billion-soul harvest”—along with new power—Wallnau said Sunday that the church’s focus at this moment should not be winning individual conversions but fulfilling a biblical mandate to “disciple nations.”

Wallnau said Christians focus on winning souls because they aren’t used to having governmental authority​ and think, for example, that it’s a big deal to get invited to the​ president’s inauguration or the White House. “That’s a big deal for the average Christian, but from Heaven’s perspective​—the kingdom of God and the king of the universe—we should be administrating. Jesus was promised nations for his inheritance​,” ​he said.

Government and the church are “both receiving a prophetic infusion and visitation right now,” because “governments ​in​ the ​Earth are supposed to be under of government of Jesus,” Wallnau told the 20,000 people he said were listening online.

Trump’s reelection is essential,  Wallnau and other speakers said. Trump is “taking on the devil everywhere he meets him,” often fighting battles that preachers should have been leading, Wallnau said. …

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Robert Henderson Says His Patriotic Shirt Makes God ‘Remember The United States Of America’

By Kyle Mantyla
Right Wing Watch (6/9/20)

Right-wing pastor Robert Henderson held a series of livestream prayer events recently in which he tearfully begged God to ensure President Donald Trump​’s reelection and claimed that the patriotic shirt​ he wore would cause the Lord remember the United States.

Henderson, who claims to have secured Trump’s 2016 victory by beseeching “the courts of Heaven” and asserts that he has been called by God to serve as Trump’s spiritual running mate in 2020, wore an American flag shirt during the broadcast because he said that he had been commanded by God to do so.

‘God said to me, ‘When you stand before me in this, it causes me to remember the United States of America. It causes me to remember your nation because I have positioned you to represent the culture before me,’” Henderson said. “So that’s why I have this shirt on … because I am standing on behalf of the United States of America and God’s purpose for this nation.”

“I want to ask, Lord, that you would help us tonight,” Henderson later wept, “to stand and to run the race, Lord, with President Donald J. Trump, and to see him reelected, and to see everything moved out of the way that would legally claim a right to deny him the office of the president, Father, for another four years. I’m asking that you would help us to do this. Lord, he can’t do that. He doesn’t even understand that dimension—I know that’s true—but we do, Lord, and so I’m asking you to help us do for him what he can’t do for himself, that you would help us, that you would help us, in our weakness, Lord, that you will help us.”

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Right-Wing Catholic Bishop Praises Trump For Fighting ‘Biblical’ Battle Against Deep State

By Peter Montgomery
Right Wing Watch (6/9/20)

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, a right-wing culture warrior and former papal representative to the U.S., released an open letter to President Donald Trump Sunday praising Trump as a leader in what he called the biblical struggle between “the children of light and the children of darkness.” The letter, which was published and praised by the “traditionalist” Catholic newspaper The Remnant, was rife with the kind of conspiracy-theory rhetoric that can be found across right-wing social media.

Viganò’s letter could hardly be more different in substance and tone from a statement released by Washington, D.C.’s Archbishop Wilton Gregory objecting to Trump visiting the John Paul II shrine in the nation’s capital for a photo op the morning after peaceful protesters were violently moved for a Trump picture-taking session at St. John’s Episcopal Church.

While Gregory strongly criticized Trump, Viganò told ​Trump, “For the first time, the United States has in you a President who courageously defends the right to life, who is not ashamed to denounce the persecution of Christians throughout the world, who speaks of Jesus Christ and the right of citizens to freedom of worship.”

Among the “children of darkness” Viganò denounced in his letter ​was the “deep state​”—a term originating among right-wing conspiracy theorists to describe high-level government officials supposedly trying sabotage and overthrow Trump—which he claimed is “fiercely waging war” against Trump. Viganò also described a “deep church” that he claimed includes bishops who are “aligned on the opposing side” …

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