Time To Get Real: Donald Trump Is A Nazi

He’s found his bliss, and it’s in remaking this country in his own image: sour, ugly, hateful, and miserable.

By Drew Magary
Medium (6/2/20)

He’s a Nazi. He’s not scarily reminiscent of a Nazi. He doesn’t have alarming Nazi-like qualities. Your president, my president, is a fucking Nazi. That’s not a standard bit of tweeted hyperbole. It’s a truth. It’s bedrock. There’s no sly coding to it. You don’t get to go OH DEAR PRESIDENT TRUMP IS SAYING THE QUIET PART OUT LOUD when there has never been any quiet parts to Donald Trump, nor any disguising his zeal for outright fascism.

If the past four years have not made it clear, if 100,000 dead and kids in cages and open admiration for fellow dictators didn’t do the trick, then this week better have. This eternal harbinger of misery got on the horn with 50 governors yesterday and demanded they “dominate” American protesters by arresting them, contact tracing them, and putting them in jail for 10 years. Then, later that day, he deliberately ordered his own men to teargas peaceful protesters and fucking PRIESTS to clear the way for him to walk — with the laziest possible gait — over to an empty church so that he could hold a bible upside down on camera. He has authorized, with some dubious legality, the American military to suppress the very people they serve. But of course, he barely needs the military when he’s already openly encouraged local police forces and everyday white shitbags to do as they please with the lavish caches of artillery they already possess. And they have.

This is Nazism, gas included. This is the enemy. This is war. Anyone who says otherwise is part of the same complicity industrial complex that led us to this flashpoint to begin with. I don’t wanna hear any more BUTs to any of this. Every time you say BUT, another American is force-fed a flash grenade on camera. Your time expressing vague disappointment over Trump’s rhetoric and the general state of affairs is over. The chance of this ending peacefully? Also gone. Don’t tell me to break bread with Nazi sympathizers. Don’t tell me that I can vote my way out of this when the destruction you see before you has been wrought by a President that the majority of us did NOT vote for, by local officials who have suppressed and gerrymandered their way to permanent tenures, and by corporate lobbies who are agnostic to all of it. …

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(Commoner Call cartoon by Mark L. Taylor, 2017. Open source and free for non-derivative use with link to www.thecommonercall.org )