Notably Quotable: “Donald Trump doesn’t merely want to criticize his opponents; he takes a depraved delight in…”


“Donald Trump doesn’t merely want to criticize his opponents; he takes a depraved delight in inflicting pain on others, even if there’s collateral damage in the process, as is the case with the Klausutis family. There’s something quite sick about it all.”

— Peter Wehner, a conservative Christian who is a former senior adviser to George W. Bush, ‘There is a wickedness in our president’: Conservative Christian decries ‘cruelty’ of Trump’s latest smear campaign


“Punching down — even at the dead — isn’t the mark of a strong, secure, courageous man. It’s the mark of a small, weak, insecure coward with no impulse control, compassion or common decency. That’s our president.”

— S.E. Cupp, Conservative Commentator Rips ‘Weak, Insecure Coward’ Trump In Blistering Column


“He lacks a sense of sympathy and empathy for those who are not in his immediate purview. I think at end of the day, and I should say this with a little caution it might sound a bit hyperbolic, I think we’re witnessing the death rattle of a particular version of America, and Donald Trump represents in a very stark way all that is wrong with us and we need to understand that for what it is.”

—  Princeton University Professor Eddie Glaude, We are ‘witnessing the death rattle’ of Trump’s America


“Once people have accepted the level of degradation of mass death, there is no further kind of degradation left. They have been dehumanized fully, finally. That is why the demagogues of the world are letting the pandemic rage. Just as any abuser knows that his victim being hurt is good for him, so too the demagogues know that a pandemic is a powerful weapon, too.”

— Umair Haque, The Rise of the American Idiot


“Republicans are more willing than Democrats or independents to take part in activities involving other people, according to a new Kaiser Family Foundation poll, and two-thirds of them believe the “worst is behind us” in the pandemic. That’s compared to 70 percent of Democrats and half of independents who believe ‘the worst is yet to come.'”

— Travis Gettys, Trump-loving county finds 27-percent jump in COVID-19 after reopening — traced to social gatherings


“Democracy does not fly on autopilot. If the people responsible for the institutions of democracy will not do the job, the job will not be done. While the job goes undone, the United States and the world careen toward conflict and crisis.”

— David Frum, The System Failed the Test of Trump


“Every Democrat that has joined with the Lords of Capital in preventing the United States from establishing a universal health care system, is guilty.”

— Glen Ford, Indict and Punish the Perpetrators of Covid Mass Death


“Right now, we’re on the Titanic it is going down and the progressives are playing in the band.”

— Jimmy Dore, ‘Jagoff’ comedian, Useful Idiots (5/24/20)