Three Commoners Write: On Racism, Meat Eating & The Political Duopoly

Expect Trump To Ramp Up On Racist Attacks

You need to address pandemic racism.  It’s going to ramp up as we approach election.  Trump and his goons are going to fuel this hysteria just like they did with Mexican immigrants, drug dealers wall shit in 2016.  All anti-Biden ads are about China.  This racism is disgusting but Trump knows, like any other polished demagogue, that demonizing has great political currency.  Again he’ll try to divide and conquer. He has to go!!!

Check out this article from USA TODAY:

‘We just want to be safe’: Hate crimes, harassment of Asian Americans rise amid coronavirus pandemic

Harvey Weinberg
La Crosse, WI


Dead Animals Do NOT Equal Food

How much Kool-Aid have we ingested that we can’t realize dead animals do not equal food. If I hear one more person wring hands over the “food” crisis because animal products factories’ markets have been disrupted, I’ll scream. Vegans and vegetarians agree — you can very well eat and overeat without letting one dead animal pass your lips. What an opportunity to reset the whole food paradigm.

Also, civilians have been risking their lives and health of their families in the food industry since WWII-grade chemicals came to be essential tools in the war on bugs and weeds.

Cathy Van Maren
La Crosse, WI


Why It Is Time To Abandon The American Political Duopoly

“By the way there is nothing more humiliating than to be defeated by ‘none of the above’.”

Isn’t it time to abandon the two party myth?  Here are 3 minutes from Ralph Nader on the duopoly and what the electoral process solutions can be. Link here.

Mark Heffernen
Richland Center, WI

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