In The Words Of Joe Biden…


“Good morning. Let me say something right up front. I’ve laid out a very detailed and in-depth plan for what I think we should be doing. We need to get in motion. We need to move and we need to move fast, now! Everyone. Now, all at once, now. You can only move too slowly. We need to get moving! Move faster! You can read it on

“And, ah, in addition to that … uh, in addition to that … we have to make sure that we, ah, we are in a position that we are … well … let me … let me go to the second thing. I’ve spoken enough about that.

“Look, here’s the deal. And this is simply confusing times … this is the United States America.

“Thank you. Please help…”

— Joe Biden, audio.

Yes, please, someone: For, Godsake, HELP!