Notably Quotable: “I’ve never really been a political person, but I’ve realized …”

“I’ve never really been a political person, but I’ve realized corporate and politicians don’t give a shit about those of us at the bottom.”

— Silent streets: Life halts, but not for all workers


“People are dying. The powerful are taking actions to protect themselves. And the government is doing their bidding.”

— Matt Gardner, Congress “CARES” for Wealthy With COVID-19 Tax Giveaways


“This nation is now every bit the aristocracy we rejected during the American Revolution. An aristocracy of dead-eyed, obscenely wealthy elitesAnd the Democratic Party not only condones this ironic travesty, they also exemplify it. Then they wonder why the working class is abandoning them in droves. In case any establishment Dems are reading, I’ll spoon-feed it to you. Voters are abandoning you because you abandoned the voters decades ago. You’re no longer the party of the working class. You’re the party of the elitist ass.”

— Kathy Copeland Padden, Progressives Can’t Divide a Party We Don’t Belong To


“The US, by far the richest country on the planet, has a dysfunctional health care system not because it cannot afford a good one, but because its political worldview is so obscenely stunted by the worship of wealth that it refuses to acknowledge the communal good, to respect the common wealth of a healthy society.”

— Jonathan Cook, A Lesson Coronavirus Is About to Teach the World


“Panicking doesn’t get you anywhere, but this isn’t simply going away. It’s out of the bag.”

— Dr. Stephen Gluckman, an infectious diseases physician at Penn Medicine and the medical director of Penn Global Medicine, Can You Get Coronavirus Again After You’ve Already Had It?


“It has taken a good deal longer than it should have, but Americans have now seen the con man behind the curtain. The president, enraged for having been unmasked, will become more desperate, more embittered, more unhinged. He knows nothing will be the same. His administration may stagger on, but it will be only a hollow shell. The Trump presidency is over.”

— Peter Wehner, The Trump Presidency Is Over


 “One death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic.”

— Joseph Stalin