Corporate Dems Claim Biden’s Obvious ‘cognitive decline’ Is Just A Silly Russian Conspiracy Theory

But not to worry, surely those nice Republicans would never, ever stoop to using such a disgraceful line of attack in a campaign! Right?

The Rising / The Hill (4/9/20)

Saagar discusses the Democratic establishment protecting Joe Biden against allegations of cognitive decline.

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And Surely, The Republicans Would Never Bring  Up Biden’s Serial Lying. Right?

By Mehdi Hasan
The Intercept (3/9/20)

The evidence is in: Joe Biden has a habit of making things up. And it’s not just wrong — it could hurt him in a general election contest against Donald Trump. According to The Intercept’s, if you think the guy who made up getting arrested in South Africa, who falsely claimed to have marched in the civil rights movement, is the “safe” candidate against Trump, then you’re lying to yourself.

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  • Joe Biden Protection Program: Rep. James Clyburn Floats Plan To Cancel Debates To Protect Joe Biden — Team Rising discusses debate outcomes, Joe Biden’s electability, and the future of Democratic debate formats likely to benefit Joe Biden. Link To 10-Minute Video


  • Bernie Needs New Strategy & ‘Frame’ For His “Good Friend” Biden — Last Thursday I watched a livestream of a Bernie Sanders rally in Arizona. There was a great band, lots of sign waving and roars of “Bernie, Bernie, Bernie!” When he stepped to the podium the place went wild and the senator from Vermont waved to everybody, made a few introductory remarks, thanked everybody for coming and then did the oddest thing. He went into a spiel about what a “great guy” Joe Biden is and how he is a “good man”, a “decent man” and a “personal friend” with whom, yes, he had some disagreements, but on many of things they agree.  And then the oddest thing happened in my head. A form of cognitive dissonance snapped into place. On the very day I had sent off another donation to his campaign and despite my strong support of Sanders since the 2016 election and my close understanding of his positions and record and familiarity with Joe Biden’s long, dank record (the Senator from MBNA bank) of doing the bidding of banks, credit card companies and close alignment with many Republican causes in the senate, including attacking Social Security, the oddest little message popped into my head: “Hmm, well, maybe Biden isn’t that bad after all! I mean, hell, even Bernie says he is a ‘good man’ and ‘friend’” For anyone who understands the basics of neuroliguistics and the power of emotional frames they understand what happened. … Read The Rest

(Commoner Call cartoon by Mark L. Taylor, 2020. Open source and free for non-derivative use with link to )