Michael Moore Takes On Establishment Democrats’ Empty ‘Bernie Bro’ Smear

By Michael Moore
Rumble Podcast (3/5/20)

Senator Bernie Sanders issued a forceful statement on Friday against Russian attempts to meddle in the 2020 election, as he has done in the past. This came in response to a Washington Post story that Sanders was recently briefed by U.S. intelligence officials that Russia was meddling in the election and attempting to “help” his campaign in an unspecified way. This comes on the heels of the Sanders’ opponents and the media dredging up the “Bernie Bro” canard from 2016 and attempting to portray online Sanders supporters as uniquely vile.

In this EMERGENCY PODCAST SYSTEM edition of RUMBLE, Michael Moore makes the connection between these two stories and explains the urgency of setting this story straight. Sanders opponents who falsely accused Sanders supporters of “death threats” and ugly online behavior appear to have been duped by a Russian disinformation campaign.

Link To 53-Minute Video

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