Joe Rogan & Bernie Sanders: One Of The Best, Most Indepth Interviews You Will Find

“In all my adult life I have never contributed money to a campaign. I am just a poor white dude from Arizona, and I thought that my contribution would not matter one little bit to getting anything done. Then in 2016 something happened……Bernie happened! For the first time here in 2020 I felt that my contribution would go to someone that would make a difference in my life and in the life of my neighbors. I think that the Mainstream Media is not aware that in this country the real divide is between the top and the bottom and not between the right and the left. Bernie gets that fact that is why he got my money and my vote.” — Hourglass


Link To 67-Minute Video

  • Krystal Ball: In The Nevada Debate Worn-Out, Tired Attacks On Bernie Fell Flat — Bernie’s opponents have no idea how to deal with Bernie because they have no idea what is worrying the voters : Link To 10-Minute Video


  • It’s Out In The Open Now: Dems Reveal The Scam To Steal The Nomination From Bernie: Link To 8-Minute Video