A Commoner Writes: Thirty Pieces Of Silver

Truth reflects fact and reality. Lasting relationships depend on truth. Persons of faith should recognize truth as the cornerstone of their belief system.

As children, we learned how important it is to be truthful. To know truth was reassuring, it provided security, and promoted trust. If truth or trust were absent, children suffered insecurity and anxiety.

As adults, we live in a world that is not always what it seems. We avoid those with a loose connection to truth. We understand that liars are untrustworthy and dangerous. The statement “buyer beware” reflects this reality. We consciously avoid those who look for the “quick buck,” “the big score,” or craft “get rich quick” schemes.

Before and after the 2016 presidential election, we witnessed many lies and half-truths from Donald Trump, his staff, his senatorial enablers like Ron Johnson, and Trump media. They perpetuate Trump’s lies, echo distorted facts, and advance “alternative facts” as if they were the unvarnished truth. On December 16, 2019, The Washington Post, reported that Trump had lied, in public, 15,413 times!

It’s been written: “Thou shalt NOT bear false witness…” This is an ignored core value among many citizens and far too many who claim some form of Christianity. Truth and love of neighbor have been replaced by lies and greed. Trump surrounds himself with those eager to lie and scheme for personal gain. Those who are willing to sell their very souls for 30 pieces of silver.

— Lee D. Van Landuyt