Ralph Nader: “To The Ramparts” And The Hunger For Justice

“If we don’t have time for democracy we don’t have time for ourselves.”

[Editor’s Note: Progressive leader Ralph Nader shows how citizens have more power than they realize. Unused, that power atrophies. Nader shows the opening to regaining our rights and freedoms. The power is right before us. — Mark L. Taylor]

Politics And Prose (10/1/18)

Ralph Nader discusses his book, “To The Ramparts”, at Politics and Prose on 9/23/18.

Since the release of Unsafe at Any Speed in 1965, Nader has led the charge against destructive and exploitative corporate power. The co-founder of public interest groups including Public Citizen, Critical Mass, Commercial Alert, and the Center for the Study of Responsive Law, Nader continues to demonstrate the efficacy of grassroots activism for

“Lawlessness is the norm in our country for the rich and powerful.”

democratic change. His new book is a searing analysis of how Big Business, abetted by the flaws of recent presidential administrations, created the political climate that put Trump in the White House. As provocative as ever, Nader takes both Democrats and Republicans to task for their failures to curb corporate excesses and their abandonment of the poor and middle-classes.

If you want to know the secret of why the dmocrats are so ineffective, watch beginning at the 1:

Link To 9-Minute Video