Strong Employment Numbers Don’t Tell The Whole Story: 44% Of Fully Employed Make $18,000 A Year … Or Less


Real News (12/10/19)

Beneath the rosy employment report lives a reality of low-paying part-time and temporary work with no benefits or security.

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Working People Podcast: Commercial Diver Gives Front-Row Seat To The Devastation We Are Causing Our Oceans & Coastlines.

In These Times Podcast (12/10/19)

In this episode—the first released in partnership with In These Times—we chat with new father Clarke, a contract commercial diver who works on different jobs for different companies throughout the year, completing tasks from underwater welding to removing shoreline debris. Clarke is a navy veteran and a member of the Industrial Workers of the World. He also organizes with the Libertarian-Socialist Caucus of Democratic Socialists of America. We talk about how he got into this line of work, and we also discuss labor issues in the commercial diving industry and how doing this work has given Clarke a front-row seat to the devastation we are causing to our oceans and our coastlines.

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