Renowned Journalist Amy Goodman Reflects On The Build Up To War & The Role Of The Corporate Media


Amy Goodman tells of the day — with a gun to her head — her life was on the line reporting on a US-supported massacre of innocents.

By Jeremy Scahill
Intercepted Podcast (6/19/19)

Amy Goodman is one of the finest journalists this country has ever produced.

With the Trump administration attempting to drive the U.S. into war against Iran, it’s impossible to ignore the historical record of how the U.S. lies its way into war, the role of powerful corporate journalists in those campaigns and the lessons we must embrace if we want to stop this insanity.

I also wanted to talk to Amy and get her to share some stories of her early reporting and how she came to be the journalist she is today, hosting the most important daily independent radio and TV program in this country.

Amy Goodman is the host and executive producer of the daily radio and TV program Democracy Now! She isn’t personally on Twitter that we know of, but you can follow her work through the DN Twitter feed. It’s simply @democracynow.

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