Tomorrow: Climate Crisis Action To Let Rep. Ron Kind Know We Are Concerned!

You’ve probably received invitations from labor & environmental groups asking you to RSVP for local strikes globally on Friday.
Whether you are in WI, MN or IA, PLEASE join us in La Crosse on Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. for any length of time at all (even 15 min.) in the Exchange Building (map) next to the Children’s Museum. The address is 205 5th Avenue S. (& Jay Street).
Several of us youth and adults with signs will be in the lobby to greet people and to help them sign a letter to Rep. Ron Kind & a letter to Sen. Tammy Baldwin. We will also help you deliver the letter to their office suite if you’d like to as some of us will be doing. Attached is a talking points handout we will share in the lobby.
If you are from nearby MN or IA, you can simply sign the letter with a short sentence added that you work and/or do business and shop in La Crosse. You can also mail the letters if you really can’t make it to the event to help us have a good turnout. More are welcome to join our lobby shifts, too, and I will be around a lot all day.
Below are the two global event links with maps that include La Crosse so please RSVP at either of them even if you only stop by for 15 minutes. The RSVPs will show the world that La Crosse came out strong as part of the global total of participants.
2) (includes reasons for the strike & supporting organizations incl. Sierra Club, LCV, NRDC, Move On, SEIU, etc.)
Our information link is also at & lists the group’s actions you can take on other things in our area (such as emailing this note to a few banks and credit unions to provide more home loans for renewable energy & energy efficiency).
THANK YOU AS WELL to everyone who joined our HUGE Sept. 8 La Crosse Climate Strike. This is my Facebook post/album with morning pictures at Central High & crowd pix downtown at 5:30 when many marched together and signed a petition to Rep. Ron Kind. He increasingly knows we need urgent climate laws planned now with passage in the House now and in the full Congress no later than 2021. WKBT CBS also covered our small, but important Nov. 29 Climate Strike outside on a cold day at this news link and I also made a Facebook & Instagram post on it.
Thank you & let me know if you have any questions.
Janette Dean, Environmental Policy and Human Rights Advocate & Organizer