La Crosse Students Rally To Raise Awareness On Climate Crisis

“The children are the only adults in the room.”

— Protest sign.

By Mark L. Taylor
The Commoner Call (9/23/19)

Students across Wisconsin took to the streets late Friday to express their concern for what the growing climate crisis means for their future. About 250 kids, teens and adults gathered at Burns Park near downtown La Crosse late in the afternoon under the direction of a great group of teen activists to march several blocks to Rep. Ron Kind’s office(D-WI). While nobody from Kind’s office was on hand, the activists gathered signatures on a letter to the congressman calling for him to take strong action or counteract global climate emergency.

The teens led the marchers in a series of chants calling for change not just of the environment but the political and economic systems that are pushing humanity to the brink. While the young folks were clearly having fun it was also clear there was an underlying seriousness among them about the critical global issue that brought them out onto the streets.

Rather than me speaking for these great teens, let some photos of their march speak for them. It is the job of we adults to support this inspiring youth movement in any way we can; it is after all, their world to live in.