Guide To Area Climate Crisis Action Events

Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg. (Illustration by Seth L. Taylor, 2019)
You may have heard about the new Fridays For Future La Crosse Chapter founded by Central High School students (July 12 WKBT story & July 21 La Crosse Tribune article) an open to all youth. They are also on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram. The international organization was first started by Greta Thunberg of Sweden in 2018 after she was inspired by the American activism of the March For Our Lives students from Parkland, FL as well as the Zero Hour climate movement and event in Washington D.C. by young climate activists.
The youth leaders of Fridays for Future La Crosse along with UWL Students for Sustainability and other organizations are STRONGLY ASKING area residents from WI and nearby MN & IA to join them at any of their events throughout the day during the global climate strike on Friday, September 20 including the main one at 5:30 beginning at Burns Park (across from the Main Public Library) when students will talk to us adults and ask us to march with them. 
The youth are asking us to please also sign this petition in support of a letter the youth will be marching over to Rep. Ron Kind’s office on Friday evening during a demonstration (outside). They will also formally deliver it on Monday, September 13 (inside). The letter thanks him for his support on some climate-related legislation and asks him to support a few more climate-related bills and resolutions introduced. Even if you are not in his district, you have a huge stake in it so you should sign it, too. (People can also hand-sign the petition at the event on Friday at 5:30, but earlier online is ideal.)
Please come to as many events on Friday as you can and share & post the attached event flyer anywhere you are near.
I have also attached the youth’s media advisory as an FYI with some great quotes. The events are also listed at: by Cathy Van Maren. A great Opinion Piece about this Friday’s strike by Cathy was also in the La Crosse Tribune today (Sunday); share it on social media. A few of us adults have been helping the youth to plan and organize the event at their request. We also invited them to help us encourage the La Crosse City Council to pass their Ready for 100% Renewables resolution (pictures attached with the mayor and council members after passage) as well as an important upcoming solar ordinance which they have done with great impact.
Be sure to RSVP to the main strike event at: to be in the global count of participants by Action Network posting the events.
It would be great as well to RSVP & share any of the two Facebook events if you use Facebook:
Thank you and hope to see you at the Friday strike! This is a climate strike art kit if any of you want to bring any of these images as signs. Feel free to bring any you already have, too!
Thank you,
Janette Dean
Environmental Policy and Human Rights Advocate & Organizer

Citizen Climate Action In Richland Center

Richland 2030 is a consensus based non-partisan group taking action to address the climate crisis and to advocate for renewable and alternative energy to power our community and to develop a vibrant local economy based on the abundant natural resources we have all around us.

Our next organizing meeting is Tuesday, September 24, at 7 p.m. For further information contact

          Our first action is to join the World, Greta Thunberg, the US Climate Strike Coalition and in a gathering this Friday, Sept. 20 at the Richland County Courthouse
11a.m. — 1p.m.


Viola Global Climate Strike

Saturday, Sept 21, 11 a.m.-2 p.m.

Meet on the corner of Wisconsin and Turner at 11a.m. (Plan extra time for parking — the Viola Horse and Colt Show is the same day.)

Bring your kids! Together, we can make our children’ future brighter.