In The Shadows: The Mysterious Case Of Jeffrey Epstein

“I was told Epstein belonged to intelligence and to leave it alone.”

— Alexander Acosta, former federal prosecutor and Trump Secretary of Labor.

[Editor’s Note: This article was written before the death of Jeffrey Epstein. — Mark L. Taylor]

By Leonard C. Goodman
The Chicago Reader (8/1/19)

There are several confounding mysteries surrounding the case of Jeffrey Epstein, the 66-year-old “financier” who was arrested July 6 on a federal sex trafficking indictment that alleges he recruited and sexually abused dozens of minor girls, some as young as 14 years old, beginning at least in or about 2002. And for reasons I will discuss in a moment, don’t expect clarity anytime soon.

So was Epstein involved in a sexual blackmail operation exploiting children and targeting prominent politicians and other public figures? If yes, what was the involvement of U.S. intelligence officials?

The first mystery is how Epstein, a former high school math teacher from Brooklyn, accumulated wealth estimated at about a half billion dollars, with mansions in Palm Beach and Manhattan, a private island in the Carribean, and a private jet nicknamed the “Lolita Express” on which he hosted many famous people, including former president Bill Clinton, former national security adviser Sandy Berger, former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak, former Colombian president Andrés Pastrana, and Prince Andrew, Duke of York.

The New York Times describes Epstein as “a hedge fund manager.” However, Epstein’s company, the blandly named Financial Trust Co., has no website, no record of any transactions, and no filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, strongly suggesting that he has never managed other people’s money, as he long claimed.

The second mystery is, if the allegations against Epstein are true—and he admitted to at least some of the charges in a 2008 plea deal in Palm Beach County, Florida—how was he able to carry on for so many years without any significant interference by law enforcement? …

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  • Jeffrey Epstein’s Death Deepens Multiple Lingering Mysteries — Jeffrey Epstein’s death — in what prison authorities say was a suicide — only deepens the many mysteries surrounding his case. Attorney Leonard Goodman analyzes the unresolved questions about Epstein, including speculation about his US intelligence ties. [Note: this segment was recorded before Epstein’s death]: Link to 9-Minute Video


Epstein Autopsy Raises More Questions

The Young Turks (8/16/19)

“The investigation into disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein’s death could hinge on a minute bone in his neck that in the past has shed light on whether a cause of death is a suicide or a murder.

Epstein’s autopsy reportedly showed multiple broken neck bones, the Washington Post wrote Thursday, citing anonymous sources. But the curiosity surrounds one of the broken bones: The hyoid.

Though the bone is small, it’s been critical in several high-profile cases. The reason: The hyoid can break when a person dies by hanging, particularly when a person is older. But it can also provide tell-tale clues that a person was strangled.” … Link to Story and 10-Minute Video