Russia Monitor: A Majority Of House Dems Have Taken A Stand


House Dems – Majority Support Impeachment!

By Dan Peak
The Commoner Call (8/5/19)

Dear Fellow Readers,

And here we are, a majority of House Dems support impeachment of Trump.

I give the nod to Esquire columnist Charles Pierce because his column is loaded with links to stories of recent declarations of support: Nancy Pelosi Cannot Resist an Impeachment Inquiry Much Longer.

Plus he has style; consider his opening paragraph:

“Here is something that happened while we were all watching John Delaney turn into a mannequin Tom Dewey on national television.”

While summing up Dem presidential candidate John Delaney, he provides a link to Rep Eliot Engel’s (D-NY) calling for impeachment. Pierce then follows with Here is another thing.” “And another.” “Two more.” “And one more.

The ‘shoes that dropped’ followed House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler’s ‘all-but-impeachment’ legal maneuvers. Pierce also points to a New York Times article crediting Senators Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) and Patty Murray (D-WA) with joining the fray.

Even more purple Dem Reps are announcing support. If a poorly received Mueller appearance and a long congressional break until September 9 were to still the waters… the opposite has happened.

The count is now 118. That is where we stand, and that deserves to be the entire message.