Unmasking Ghislaine Maxwell: Jeffery Epstein’s Lover Turned Madame


America’s Lawyer / RT (7/24/19)

Mike Papantonio and RT Correspondent Michele Greenstein investigate British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell’s involvement in Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking ring. Their relationship turned the two from romantic to business partners, as Maxwell was found to be complicit if not ENCOURAGING of Epstein’s slew of sexual assaults and solicitation of child prostitutes.

Then, Trial Magazine’s Editor Farron Cousins walks us through allegations that Epstein had actually sexually abused victims DURING his Florida jail sentence. His “sweetheart deal” brokered by U.S. labor secretary Alex Acosta had granted Epstein generous work leave from county prison, allowing him up to 12 hours a day unmonitored.

Plus, legal journalist Mollye Barrows discusses the closing of Eric Garner’s case, stemming from his death by chokehold back in 2014. Though widely-circulated video shows NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo slamming Garner to the ground in a chokehold, it turns out Pantaleo will not end up being charged by federal prosecutors for misconduct on the job.

Link to 28-Minute Video

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