Getting A Birds-Eye, True View Of The Devastation Being Done To Wisconsin By Frac Sand Corporations

By Patricia Popple
The Frac Sand Sentinel (7/7/19)
Over the duration of several years, Henry Boschen from Chippewa Falls has been involved in photographing pictures of a developing mine, processing plant and trans-load station in the Town of Alma in Jackson County using drone technology. He has also photographed many other facilities in the industry to show the impact of destruction on land and water. What you will see is his final product—–the idle Wisconsin Proppants Plant in the Town of Alma. Link to 3-minute video here.
Please take a look at Boschen’s to see his work and also take a bit of time to thank him for his dedicated efforts to show the public and government officials the vast amount of land being taken for removal of silica sand from northwest Wisconsin.
In other news, awhile back, Vince Beaser visited northwest Wisconsin and interviewed a number of people.  He is an author and has written a new book entitled The World in a Grain. Having traveled the world over, we play a role in a small portion of his published work.
Please take some time to watch the 15-minute TEDX video with his presentation on the shortage of sand!
Here is a message from Vince:
Dear friends, colleagues, readers, and folks involved somehow …. with sand—I wanted to let you know that my TEDx talk on the deadly global war for sand went live yesterday! It’s essentially a 15-minute distillation of my book, The World in a Grain—so if you haven’t read it yet, here’s an easy way to get the gist. I’d be honored if you would take a look, and even more so if you would like it, tweet it, and generally spread the word. TEDx talks can reach millions of people, so I’m really hoping to use this opportunity to raise awareness not only about the sand crisis, but the larger issue of how we’re over-consuming natural resources across the board. Please help! You can find the TEDx talk here.