A Commoner Writes: Attacks On Womens’ Health Care & Choice Are About Male Control Over Women

Victimizing women & children

Paula Dail
We Rise To Resist (5/17/19)

During the current, all-out assault on women’s reproductive rights across the country, including Wisconsin, it is nauseating to observe men debating women’s reproductive choices as if they should have the last word. Clearly, this debate isn’t about protecting unborn babies; it’s about exerting male power over women, as an entitled property right. Men are very afraid of women having the final say on reproduction because if this were to occur, men would lose their ability to have as many children as they wish, with whomever they wish, without necessarily assuming any of the parental responsibilities, including financial, associated with raising them.

There is nothing in this male-centric legislation that speaks to rape, incest, pregnancy prevention, including widespread public availability of birth control, or to stronger child support enforcement penalties for men who fail to financially provide for the children this legislation forces women to have. Instead, it victimizes both women and children.

At this point in the argument the only solutions are first, for women to refuse sex with men and second, to financially boycott organizations that have any association with restricting women’s reproductive rights. Carrying out the first solution is obvious – just say no.

Regarding the second solution, if this legislation passes in Wisconsin, a boycott would include dairy products and any other locally produced foods promoted through the state Dept. of Agriculture, and spending your tourist dollars somewhere else (not Alabama or Missouri) – just for starters. It also means withholding financial support from certain religious groups and other organizations who do not respect women’s right to control her own reproductive life. These actions will ultimately force policymakers into a reasonable discussion of reproductive options and safe outcomes.

The sooner men understand that they do not own women’s bodies, that women are not chattel and that women do not exist to do men’s bidding, and begin working with, instead of against, us, the sooner our society will become more moral, more equitable, and very much more civilized.

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