A Dark Humored Word (Or Two) — Our Nation Brought To You By Billionaires



“The revolution will not be sponsored.”

By Anand Giridharadas (12/17/18)

Gratitude is my task tonight. I’m here to thank our sponsors. Not of this show. I’m here to thank America’s sponsors. Because what was supposed to be a republic by, for, and of the people is increasingly a nation brought to you by billionaires. And when billionaires are in charge of our schools, our politics, our arts, our news, and our public conversation, it’s important to keep them happy by thanking them for ruling us.

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Anand Giridharadas — A letter To All Who Have Lost In This Era


TED Talk (9/12/16)

How did we get a world of such disconnect, fracture and fear? Writer Anand Giridharadas tackles this question by reading a letter to his fellow citizens in which he confesses to his and others’ part in ignoring people’s pain until it turned to anger. There is another way, he says: “Dare to commit to the dream of each other.”

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The Ralph Nader Radio Hour: Anand Giridharadas On The Elite Charade Of Changing The World


Ralph Nader Radio Hour (11/3/18)

Ralph welcomes journalist and author, Anand Giridharadas to talk about his book, “Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World,” which argues that rich “do-gooders” don’t really want to change the system that made them rich.

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