Heaping Helpings Of Democracy From Blue Jean Nation



Blue Jean Nation (2/1/19)

If ideas are what nourish a democracy, then Blue Jean Nation is a food pantry with fully stocked shelves. On our Seat of the Pants blog, there are close to 130 articles on every imaginable subject, from improving health care here at home and nationally to making college affordable. There is an article titled “The party of big government” (and it’s not the one you might think). Another is headlined “Our small politics” (about the need to think big).

Back in August 2015, a commentary was posted on our blog explaining whyDonald Trump might very well become president. That was 15 months before the political professionals and media pundits from coast to coast were stunned by the outcome of the 2016 election. Post-election analyses tried to make sense of it all, describing the election as “America’s one finger salute” and a “tale of two rules” (both of which were broken by the Democrats).

You’ll find pointed critiques of both the Republican and Democraticestablishments. And blunt assessments of what’s happened to the media andwhy. And inspiring stories of how past generations of Americans responded creatively to conditions very much like those facing us today and brought about dramatic change.

One commentary about political advertising asks the question: What message would Jesus approve? Another about all the assaults on democracy asks:Where’s Bluto Blutarsky when he’s needed most?

Comb through all the blog posts a little more and you find one dealing with how unprivileged Americans have been persuaded to see each other as enemies by wolves presenting themselves as fellow sheep. Another offers the reassuring reminder that it’s darkest before the dawn.

Some of the blog posts were adapted to radio, turned into commentaries aired on community radio stations.

Whether the subject is “Capitalism’s worst enemy” or the “curse of can’t do thinking,” our Seat of the Pants blog offers food for thought in heaping helpings. Dig in.

And if you value what you see, help us keep it coming.