A Commoner Writes — Media In The Age Of Trump — Lampreys & Cud-Chewing


A loved one watches MSNBC and CNN all the time. They are like a snarl of lampreys locking onto every tweet and utterance Trump pukes out and spending hours sucking it dry until the next one comes along. And they’re supposed to be the relatively good ones. It’s toxic. And it pollutes the minds of those who watch, hooking them on anticipating the next putrid morsel or endlesdly cud-chewing the last one and injecting the bile into the media discourse. Imagine if this is how people were informed about their choice of doctors or even cars.

People think it’s OK to binge watch “the news” because it’s not Faux, but they all suck (literally) EXCEPT for Democracy Now imo.

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Cathy Van Maren
La Crosse, WI