‘The Silence Of Others’ — New Film Warns Against Spain’s Fascist History Repeating Itself

“How unjust life is. Not life, we humans .. we are unjust.”

— Victim of Spain’s Franco fascist regime.

Democracy Now! (12/6/18)

A far-right, anti-immigrant, anti-abortion political party in Spain has made gains in regional elections, prompting protests in the streets. Members of Spain’s younger generation are too young to remember the brutal 40-year military dictatorship under General Francisco Franco. But a remarkable new documentary titled “The Silence of Others,” or “El Silencio de Otros,” hopes to remind Spaniards of the country’s fascist past, lest history repeat itself.

The film follows several survivors of the Franco regime in their pursuit of justice. We speak with Spanish filmmaker Almudena Carracedo, who, along with Robert Bahar, wrote, produced and directed “The Silence of Others.”

Link to Story, Transcript and 15-Minute Video

  • Film ‘The Silence Of Others’ website, HERE.