Wealthy Hedge Fund Exec Jeffrey Epstein Sexually Abused Underage Girls And Got Off With A Light Sentence


Morning Edition / NPR (12/2/18)

Miami Herald reporter Julie Brown discusses her investigative report on hedge fund manager Jeffrey Epstein, who sexually abused dozens of teenage girls but served only 13 months in a county jail.

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Bombshell Investigation Reveals How Trump’s Secretary Of Labor Helped Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein Hide His Many Sex Crimes

By Travis Getty
The Raw Story (11/28/18)

President Donald Trump’s secretary of labor struck a highly unusual deal when he was Miami’s top federal prosecutor to go easy on the well-connected multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein — and keep his sex crimes largely concealed.

The 54-year-old Epstein — friends with both Trump and former president Bill Clinton — served just 13 months in county jail after pleading guilty to two prostitution-related charges in state court after his attorney made an agreement with then-prosecutor Alexander Acosta, reported the Miami Herald.

Acosta essentially shut down an ongoing FBI probe into Epstein’s cult-like network of underage girls, which he recruited with the help of his victims and other teenage girls, after reaching a non-prosecution agreement with the Palm Beach billionaire’s defense lawyer.

That attorney, Jay Lefkowitz, was a former Acosta colleague at Washington law firm of Kirkland & Ellis.

Broad immunity for Epstein & rich pals

Lefkowitz and Acosta reached the agreement over a breakfast meeting in October 2007 at the Marriott in West Palm Beach, rather than the prosecutor’s Miami offices, that allowed Epstein and four accomplices to receive immunity from all federal charges in exchange for guilty pleas to state charges.

Epstein faced a possible life prison sentence on a 53-page federal indictment.

The deal also granted immunity to “any potential co-conspirators,” who were not identified — but potentially referred to other rich and influential individuals who took part in sex parties involving underage girls at Epstein’s homes and plane. …

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