Medicare For All: As Healthcare Costs Soar, Momentum Grows To Guarantee Healthcare For All Americans


Democracy Now! (11/30/18)

As Democrats prepare to take control of the House, pressure is growing on the Democratic leadership to embrace Medicare for All. Nearly 50 newly Democratic members of Congress campaigned for Medicare for All. In the last year, 123 incumbent House Democrats also co-sponsored Medicare for All legislation, double the number who supported a Medicare for All bill in the previous legislative session. Meanwhile, pharmaceutical, insurance and hospital companies are paying close attention.

As the Intercept’s Lee Fang reports, over the summer the groups formed a partnership to fight the growing support for expanding Medicare. We speak to three proponents of Medicare for All who have assembled in Burlington, Vermont, for a gathering of the Sanders Institute: Kelly Coogan-Gehr of National Nurses United, British anesthesiologist Dr. Hosnieh Djafari-Marbini and organizer Jo Beardsmore.

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Full Bernie Sanders Speech on Healthcare, Economic Justice, Opposing Trump & Ending the War In Yemen

“The last two polls that I saw on the issue of healthcare had 70 percent of the American people supporting Medicare for All, single-payer system.”

Democracy Now! (11/30/18)

Hundreds of international progressive leaders have traveled to Burlington, Vermont for a gathering hosted by the Sanders Institute. Last night, former presidential candidate and independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders kicked the event off with a keynote speech on healthcare, raising the minimum wage and his bipartisan resolution to end military support for the U.S.-backed, Saudi-led bombing of Yemen.

He was introduced by Harvard professor Cornel West.

“Our job is to bring our people together around a strong, progressive agenda that speaks to the needs of all and not just the one percent.”

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