‘Trump’s Reichstag Fire’: Ex-GOP Operative Steve Schmidt Explains Why Republicans Have ‘blood on their hands’

Burning of the German Reichstag parliamentary building provided Hitler with the justification to seize power.

By Noor Al-Sibai
The Raw Story (10/29/18)

In a fiery interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, former GOP operative Steve Schmidt compared last week’s right-wing terror attacks to the rise of Adolf Hitler and explained the Republicans’ role in the rising tide of white supremacist violence.

Schmidt noted that the “sick” and “evil” people who shot black people in a grocery store, mailed pipe bombs to prominent Democrats and CNN and killed multiple Jewish people in a synagogue in the last week were radicalized by Fox News and other media sites that make up the “right-wing propaganda industry.”

He went on to blast Trump, Fox News and the GOP for spreading the “giant lie” just before the midterm elections that a caravan of migrant Latin Americans making its way to the border is full of terrorists and invaders.

“This is Trump’s Reichstag Fire,” Schmidt said, referencing the arson of the Berlin Reichstag parliamentary building a month after Hitler was sworn in as the chancellor of Germany that the Nazis used to consolidate and seize power. …

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