Training: Inner & Outer Work Towards Spirit-Led Community

October 12th – 14th, 2018
Pleasant Ridge Waldorf School
431 E. Court Street
Viroqua, WI

In community life we learn consciously and unconsciously from each other; and we need
to be able to elicit the individuality in the other. Inner work can provide accessible
insights into the workings of the human soul, outlines its relationship to the spiritual life,
and shows the way to develop and strengthen our inner capacities through practical
exercises, experience, and deep understanding.

This weekend will focus on how to perceive, support and elicit the true nature of the
individual human being from childhood to adulthood. We will also explore the changing
role and the need for new community responsibility that can provide young people with
what is needed in their growing sense of self-consciousness and separation. We will
explore questions and the role and influence of technology, gender and sexuality, and
how they can be supported within a community that respects, encourages and expands
each individual’s qualities as the basis for the modern rites of passage into adulthood.

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Conference Location
Pleasant Ridge Waldorf School
431 E. Court Street, Viroqua, Wisconsin 54665
Enter Viroqua on Hwy 14/16 (Main Street) turn east
on Decker St./Hwy. 56 OR turn east on Jefferson St.
The school is three blocks from Main Street at E. Court St.
and S. Washington.
Please indicate the number of children that you will bring.
There will be a charge of $3-5/child for each session.
Yes, I would like to use your childcare for _____#children
General: Mary Christenson-608-606-5296
Registration: Kathy Lofton-608-606-9042
If finances are an issue please, call
Mary Christenson at 608-606-5296

Airbnb: many available in and out of town
Heritage Inn B&B ​608-637-3306
Viroqua Inn and Suites ​(800)501-0664
Midway Motel ​608-637-2929
Hickory Hill Hotel ​608-637-3104
Old Town Motel ​800-605-0276 (Westby)
Central Express Inn ​608-634-2950 (Westby)
Westby House B&B ​608-634-4112