All You Need To Know: The Kremlin Hates America’s ‘Malignant Feminism,’ Loves Brett Kavanaugh

Putin’s hand-picked media official sounds remarkably like Donald Trump on women.

By Mary Papenfuss
The HuffPost (10/6/18)

Just like President Donald Trump, the Kremlin-owned media in Russia are wild about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. And their chief propagandist has lashed “malignant feminism” in America for challenging Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Russian TV pundit and media official Dmitry Kiselyov, chosen for his role by Russian President Vladimir Putin, earlier this week dismissed the sexual assault accusation against Kavanaugh by research psychologist Christine Blasey Ford as “like a joke.”

Kiselyov said Kavanaugh’s confirmation was held up by “malignant feminism,” which he blasted as a “tool for extortion.”

The “plague of malignant feminism is moving from America to Europe and toward Russia as well,” he charged on “Vesti Nedeli” (News of the Week) on Rossiya, a state-owned channel that reaches 90 percent of Russian households. It involves “infected ladies [who] project their sexual fantasies onto men who have a successful life and career, accusing them of attempted rape,” he said.

Kiselyov has called women “monkeys” and “witches” on Russian TV and has said he believes feminists should be imprisoned or committed to mental institutions, The Daily Beast reported.

HIs rants eerily echo recent attacks on women by Trump.

On Thursday, Trump ripped Kavanaugh protesters as the “very rude elevator screamers,” and he insisted — with no evidence — that they were “professionals” who were “paid” by Democratic donors. Trump appeared to be referring to two victims of sexual assault who confronted Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) last week on an elevator to challenge his support of Kavanaugh.

Trump also mocked Blasey at a Mississippi rally earlier this week and lamented the “scary time” that “young men” are facing as they’re threatened by false claims of sexual assault. He said women, meanwhile, are “doing great.” …

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