Trump Loses Control Of His Pecker: National Enquirer Pal Cooperating With Mueller

Trump’s Pecker Spouts Off

Pecker In A Vise

Pecker Problem Plagues Trump

Pecker Testes Trump’s Patience


National Enquirer Insider Exposes All!

By Maxwell Strachan
The HuffPost (8/23/18)

By the time David Pecker arrived at American Media Inc. in the late 1990s, Jerry George already found himself firmly entrenched in the tabloid empire.

Hired by the National Enquirer’s late publisher Generoso Pope Jr. in 1985, George went on to work at the Enquirer and its parent company, AMI, for 28 years, earning the titles of senior editor and West Coast bureau chief before eventually leaving the company in 2013.

Trump’s Pecker Peters Out

Feds Put Squeeze On Trump’s Pecker

Trump’s Pecker In Prosecutor’s Back Pocket

Trump’s Pampered Pecker Goes Limp

The Enquirer changed dramatically when Pecker was named chairman and chief executive of AMI. A well-resourced, gleefully lowbrow gossip rag became, in George’s telling, a spare operation that at times acted as a protection racket for certain favorite celebrities — especially Donald Trump, Pecker’s close “personal friend.” This week Pecker was granted immunity by federal prosecutors in exchange for information related to payments made to porn actress Stormy Daniels and former Playboy model Karen McDougal.

Pecker Puts Trump In Pickle

Pecker Pokes Trump

Trump’s Pecker Escapes

Don’s Piss Poor Pecker Problem


Prosecutors in the Cohen case claimed that Cohen and Pecker struck an agreement in 2015 to “deal with negative stories” about Trump, two months after he announced his candidacy for president. But George said AMI had already become the “official organ” of Trump long before that.

George spoke with HuffPost this week about Pecker, the evolution of the Enquirer and the role it played in reshaping Trump’s image …

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