Brett Kavanaugh’s Fellow Yale Law School Alumni Call Him ‘morally bankrupt’ In Scathing Open Letter


Less than an hour after Donald Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, Yale Law School issued a press release praising their alumnus, Kavanaugh, in superlative language.

Yale Law’s Dean, Heather Gerken, offered this breathless praise:  “I have known Brett Kavanaugh for many years. I can personally attest that, in addition to his government and judicial service, Judge Kavanaugh has been a longtime friend to many of us in the Yale Law School community. Ever since I joined the faculty, I have admired him for serving as a teacher and mentor to our students and for hiring a diverse set of clerks, in all respects, during his time on the court.”

The backlash from Yale Law alumni who actually care about the fate of Roe vs Wade specifically, and the Court’s swing towards the Right more broadly, was swift. They published this open letter the next day, which has already garnered almost a thousand signatures. …

Link to Story and Open Letter