Wisconsin Democracy Campaign Opens The Books On The Financial Side Of The Primary Election


Wisconsin Democracy Campaign (8/15/18)

Unless otherwise indicated, this page provides summary financial data for all candidates on the ballot for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state and treasurer for each candidate’s respective election cycle through the end of the most recent reporting period.

Candidates are listed by office (governor first), by party ballot order and alphabetically by name.

Clicking on a candidate’s name will show contributor information for the current election cycle when available. (Note: The orgiinal posting of this page did not include contributor lists for all treasurer candidates. They have since been added.)

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What Each Vote Cost

Tony Evers — $787,078 for 222,357 votes received = $3.54 per vote

Matt Flynn — $564,560 for 31,201 votes received = $18.09 per vote

Mike McCabe — $225,678 for 40,341 votes received = $5.59 per vote

Mahlon Mitchell —  $888,392 for 87,515 votes received = $10.15 per vote

Kelda Roys — $696,289 for 68,718 votes received = $10.13 per vote

Paul Soglin — $61,228 for 27,987 votes received = $2.19 per vote

Kathleen Vinehout — $203,919 for 43,675 votes received = $4.67 per vote

Dana Wachs — $797,507 for 4,208 votes received = $189.52 per vote

Note: Additionally, Mitchell had three unions spend about $415,000 on his behalf.

(Figures complied from Wisconsin Democracy Campaign and Politico. — Ed)