DOCUMENTARY — This Is No Practice Run: A Year After Charlottesville And The Nazi Threat Across America Has Grown



“Nazism was cruel because Nazis were cruel; and the Nazis were cruel because cruel people tended to become Nazis.”

— Zygmunt Bauman

By Mark L. Taylor
The Commoner Call (8/9/18)

If you haven’t already seen it, set aside an hour to watch the PBS Frontline/ProPublica “Documenting Hate” documentary to get up to speed on just how deeply the Nazi movement has embedded itself into modern America. Under the ever fascist-friendly leadership of Donald Trump, the nation that defeated Nazism in Europe 70 years ago now has the virus of fascism running freely in it’s veins. And that virus is rapidly multiplying.

It would be nice to think that the various law enforcement agencies we support with our tax dollars and entrust the safety of our communities to would be on top of the threat, but, as the “Documenting Hate” investigation reveals, local, state and federal law enforcement — and even the Pentagon —  have been grossly negligent in tracking, confronting or even paying much attention to the metastasizing Nazi cancer.

The producers promise follow-up investigations of the Nazi threat this fall.

The first thing is to get crystal clear on what is happening and how fast it is happening. The threat is real. We are far, far beyond run-of-the-mill Republican/Democrat, conservative/liberal political theater.

“Documenting Hate” begins with gritty scenes of the bloody street violence during the “Unite The Right” Nazi rally in Charlottesville last summer and the largely hands-off stance of local and state police to the rampaging, club wielding Nazi street thugs. The weekend of police-enabled street violence resulted in the death of counter protester Heather Heyer, 32, and injury of 19 others — some seriously — when a Nazi demonstrator gunned his car into a crowd of counter protesters.

There is vivid video of Charlottesville police lazily standing by as a young black man, DeAndre Harris, a former special-education instructional assistant, was viciously clubbed by at least 6 Nazis in a parking garage right next door to the city police headquarters.

Likewise, police stood by when a small band of counter-protesters gathered at the base of the statue of Robert E. Lee on the University of Virgina campus were beaten by torch-wielding Nazi thugs. As Cornel West, one of the human rights demonstrators gathered at the statue has reported, it was only because of a charge by a courageous group of AntiFa activists that the group was rescued. The police did nothing but abet the Nazis through their own callous — and most likely calculated — inaction.

Then just this past weekend, in Portland, Oregon, local police actually attacked peaceful anti-fascist demonstrators. Initially, the police claimed the counter-demonstrators had thrown rocks and bottles at police lines. Video showed that to be a lie.

Through it all, the Nazi thugs brandished Nazi flags, fascist imagery on shields, caps and t-shirts and banners and many wore Wehrmacht style helmets. These nasty critters are not mere sociopathic right wing extremists; these are homegrown Nazis.

We cannot depend upon law enforcement

Here’s the bottom line of what is happening: Clearly, we cannot depend upon law enforcement alone, or perhaps at all, to oppose the growing Nazi threat in this country. At best they are playing slow catch-up. At worst — and it appears to be true in the examples above — law enforcement is enabling the growth of the Nazi threat.

What to do?

The first thing is to get crystal clear on what is happening and how fast it is happening. The threat is real. We are far, far beyond run-of-the-mill Republican/Democrat, conservative/liberal political theater. This is about freedom and what historian Timothy Snyder describes in his latest book as the Road to Unfreedom.

As Snyder noted in Tyranny: Twenty Lessons From The Twentieth Century’

“Lesson 17. Watch out for the paramilitaries. When the men with guns who have always claimed to be against the system start wearing uniforms and marching around with torches and pictures of a Leader, the end is nigh. When the pro-Leader paramilitary and the official police and military intermingle, the game is over.”

If we do not see significant changes in law enforcement and Pentagon policy and behavior in the next few months we will have crossed over a point few of us want to consider. If there is a national emergency — real or engineered — before that happens we will probably tip into the abyss.

Seeing the nation at real threat, those who track the radical Nazi right are worried. With the nation’s Chief Nazi Enabler Donald Trump in charge, the heavily armed, Nazi flag waving pugnacious thugs of the American Nazi movement feel legitimized, energized and officially sanctified. At best we can say law enforcement and the Pentagon have to play catch-up. At worst they are onboard with what is happening.

Think it can’t happen here? Wake up. It is. This is no practice run.


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