Right Wing Online Conspiracy Theory QAnon Riles Trumpsters


The Daily / New York Times (8/2/18)

How did an outlandish conspiracy theory born on the fringes of the internet end up in the spotlight at a rally for President Trump? Guest: Kevin Roose, who writes about technology for The New York Times.

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6 Facts About Odd ‘white rabbit’ Conspiracy Theory Energizing Some Trump Fans

We are living in very, very strange times indeed.

By Rob Waugh
Yahoo News UK (11/24/17)

If you want proof we’re living in a golden age of conspiracy theories, the latest offering of fake news doing the rounds among hard-right Trump supporters is really pushing the envelope.

On social media networks such as Twitter, a significant number of posts are being hashtagged with the term #followthewhiterabbit – some garnering thousands of shares.

It’s a line from the Lewis Carroll novel ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and references a belief that there are hidden truths being concealed by a global elite heavily involved in a paedophile network – which Donald Trump is trying to bring to justice. …

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  • WATCH: Trump supporters attempt to explain baffling QAnon conspiracy theories outside Pennsylvania rally — On Thursday, prior to President Donald Trump’s rally in Wilkes Barre,  Pennsylvania, CNN’s Gary Tuchman asked a group of QAnon conspiracy theorists about hoa and why they have been caught up in the government conspiracy theory movement. “We wanted to see if the people who followed this movement wanted to talk to us,” Tuchman told CNN’s, Anderson Cooper. “We found they did want to talk to us. What they told us was quite interesting. Waiting in line in a driving rain, very motivated Trump supporters.” … Read the Rest and 3-Minute Video


  • GOP Strategist Hammers ‘Trump’s Army of Cletuses’ Who Have Been Suckered By ‘stupid’ QAnon Conspiracy Theories — Republican strategist Rick Wilson identified stupidity as one of the leading reasons why supporters of President Donald Trump believe the QAnon conspiracy theoryWriting in The Daily Beast, Wilson referred to QAnon as a “gigantic pyramid of digital horsesh*t.” … Read More